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Bad Women of China


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A film by Xiaopei He

Documentary | 2021 |  82 min | Chinese, Subtitles in English

The film documents the life experiences and desires of three generations of Chinese women from the 1920s to the present day, across generations and continents.It is the director's intention to document women's sexuality and desires. As women's voices, experiences and desires are often overshadowed and ignored by the mainstream media; women often unconsciously belittle their own desires, ideals and life experiences, video creation can help women to express their desires and value their personal needs and experiences. By documenting the life stories and desires of women and other neglected groups such as sex workers, people with disabilities, sexually discriminated people and people living with HIV, the director hopes to give voice to oppressed desires.

⏰ Monday, 30th Oct 19:00-21:00

📍Kruttverket, Arnljot Gellines vei 41, 0657 Oslo


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